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V4 Granturismo

POSTED: 14/10/2020

Change Paradigm

A compact and high-performing engine boasting a robust torque, designed to satisfy the demands of “adventouring” enthusiasts, without foregoing the excitement of a more sporting spirit. 

A 4-cylinder version, with the general layout clearly inspired by the Desmosedici Stradale model, yet designed and developed to provide ultimate ease of use and exceptional versatility. A change of paradigm that allows the new V4 Granturismo to push the former boundaries of compactness and lightness, along with the main maintenance schedule of 60,000 km.

Power at your fingertips

1160 cc. 170 hp slick, responsive and smooth-running, featuring a maximum torque of 125 Nm (12.7 Kgm) at 8,750 rpm. 

The V4 Granturismo figures clearly define its unique character: A sporting-spirit DNA, yet boasting a smooth and well-balanced output along the entire torque curve. Excellent in all conditions, perfect for all riding modes.

Perfect on all roads

Long distances, fast tracks, uneven routes. Designed to become the ideal motorbike for the travel-enduro world, this V4 Granturismo combines exceptional performance with ultimate smooth-running features, boasting a versatility that allows it to flaunt its character on road or off-road routes.

Designed for long distance travels

The V4 Granturismo features a new timing system designed specifically to extend maintenance schedules to up to 60,000 km

A result achieved thanks to the materials, processing and technologies developed for the desmodromic system which, when combined to a return spring valve system that is less of a strain on the components compared to the Desmo, has made it possible to obtain results that have never been achieved before by a motorcycle engine. 

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